Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Speed Scrap with Megan!!

Hey everyone!! I know I haven't been passing out the freebies here lately. I’ve been totally busy!! I have a couple new items to put into my store and I’m finishing up a third! Plus, I’ve been potty training my 3 year old boy so life has been CRAZY!!

I just wanted to let you know that I will be hosting my very first Speed Scrap at Bouquet of Pixels on Friday Sept 4th!! I’m really excited and hope to get a good turn out! Not sure though because I’m not very good at the whole advertising thing, but we’ll see. I hope you can make it!! I have a few new things to give away as participation prizes! If you use BOP products you will get something extra! Yeah!! So don’t miss out on all the fun!! I hope to see you there!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Megan's Scraps first CT Call!

Megan here! I opened my first store a month ago at Bouquet of Pixels. Now to feel complete I need a Creative Team! I'm really laid back and easy going. I want this to be fun for you! If you're interested, email me at megan@meganblethenphotography.com before August 31st.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Berry Sweet freebie hybrid card

I know that we all have those friends or neighbors who we don't thank enough for the kind things that they do, whether it's mowing the grass while they mow theirs, watching your kids while you run errands or maybe gave you some of their fresh garden grown produce - do you thank them and be done? Most times I do too and decided that I would make just a small thank you card for just those ocassions.

I used a 5 x 7 card and did some inking around the edges. I am the ink pad queen:) and use it for everytihng. This time around I used a black ink to give the edges a bit of a pop. You can do this as much or as little as you would like, play with it a bit and see what effect you like the most.

Then I cut out the printed page and cropped the pieces to fit the card. I like to make them bigger than the actual card so that the trimming can be done easily and not worry about printing and it's too small!

I added both layers and cut out the word art. I inked that piece as well to give it a little something extra and as an extra touch added some foam stickers to the bottom to give it some depth.

I also added a small little button to the word art which gives it that final finish.

Download the printout sheet and word art

So if you would like to see what else is available in the kit be sure to stop by my blog - I'll be giving away a portion a day all week long!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Freebie Hybrid Card Idea using Happy Go Lucky

I wanted to do a little more with hybrid this week rather than just printing it out and putting it together. Hybrid means joining digital with anything - I suppose cutting and pasting is part of it but to me it really means to add additional embellishments to make it a truly handmade card.
The card size is 5x7:)

This is the digital version. pretty simple and no embellishing. I did add some drop shadows to the digital version but left that off of the actual card.

Download the card and the 8 1/2 x 11 cutout page HERE

This is the hybrid version. I added the ink around the edges using my ever trusty tea stain inking pad. I have a variety of colors but I think that the tea stain seems to go well with almost any colors.
Then I decided to do a bit of sewing. I love using stitches in my digital work but it looks SO much nicer when the thread is real and you can actually see the holes. I added a sticker that I had on hand and then went back and added a similar quote to the digital just to give a comparison.

The last touch was the addition of a few buttons. They were on clearance at a local shop and I scooped up as many of each color as I could. If you don't have these I am sure almost any buttons in a button stash would work, find coordinating colors and go from there.

You can really finish this off anyway that you want - that is the great thing about hybrid - it isn't done until you say it is!

I used this great new kit by Genia Beana Scraps which you can find at Scrapable

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alpha Sheet Tutorial! Freebie Word Art!

For PSE and Photoshop

Have you ever downloaded a sheet of alpha and thought "How do I get the letters I want off?" Well here is the tutorial for you!!

You can click on any of the images (not the freebie) for a more detailed view!

Start by opening the file
select the Marquee tool (dotted line box or circle)

Make a square (you can do a circle but a square is easier)

Have both windows side by side so that you can
drag and drop into your layout

Don't forget to switch to move tool!

Thanks too Dyabel Designs (for the alpha)
Snowflake Beach Designs (styles and paper from So Wonderful Kit click to get to her store)

Click on the word art image to download

Have a beautiful, creative and inspired day!

Misti Faery Designs

Monday, July 13, 2009

Firecracker Freebie

Hi everyone, Megan here. It's been a while since I did a post so I thought I'd post up a quick page for you all with our latest collab kit. Life has been totally crazy the past 2 months so I haven't had much time to scrap:P I've been really bummed about that! So today I decided to ignore all of my motherly chores and scrap! I hope you enjoy the quickpage and keep coming back for more free goodies!

Here's my layout that I did.

And here's the quickpage for you. If you haven't picked up the whole kit yet get it here. I hope you all have some great memories to scrap with this awesome kit!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freebie and TECHY THURSDAY!!!

I am sorry I missed last week. I had company.
I am hopefully making up for it with this tech blog!!

I am really excited about this one!!
So we have overlays that have no color and you want to use it but it's too dark!

For Photoshop and PSE

1. Start with the overlay

2. Create another blank layer then fill with color of your choice. Here I chose a rose pink.

3. Make sure this layer is under your overlay layer, like so.

4. Next chose the "Normal" drop down menu (while on the overlay layer which should be on top!!)

5. Scroll down until you see "Soft Light"

6. Voila you have a beautifully textured paper!! :)

click on image for more detailed view.

oh and don't forget your

Click on image for link
or here

I don't do a lot of word art. I was inspired though by Phil Vassar (one of my favorite Country Singer/Song writers! "Just another day in paradise" is one of my favorite songs. Its been a rough time for all of us lately with the economy and just being adults!! LOL

So I wanted to remind myself how good my life really is. I am living my own private paradise, even if it's not perfect!

Thank you for reading!! I love to read your comments so please leave some love!

Have a beautiful, creative and inspired day!
Misti Faery Designs